Our Services

  • Belting
    Makhanye offers a wide range of belting
    Solid Woven, PVC and Polyurethane belting.
    Available in different colours , Food grade and according to customer specifications.
    Different Grades of rubber belting, (N,M,HR,FR)
    Different class and plies
    Specialized belts e.g. Magnet belting, Modular Belting & chain belting
    Can be supplied in food grade, stainless steel and normal plastic.
    Sprockets are also a item of our product we offer together with these belting.
    Flights and sidewalls also available for incline purposes.

    Scrapers for all belt sizes.
    Primary Scrapers, Secondary scrapers with tungsten or polyurethane blades.
    Brush scrapers , Diagonal plough and V- plough
    Blades are also available separately.
    We are also competent to install scrapers on site.
    Belt clips for all belt sizes and thickness.
    Stainless steel and mild steel clips available.

  • Elevator  Buckets & Bolts
    Elevator buckets are available in different sizes and material e.g. Steel, HDPE, Nylon
    All our buckets can be punched according to customer own specification.
    Bucket bolts, nuts and large oval or dome washers are available.
    Bolts can be supplied in mild steel or stainless steel

  • Pulley’s & LAGGING
    Pulley’s manufactured and repair pulley’s according to client specifications.
    We supply a wide variety of pulleys i.e. Normal pulley’s, Bar pulley’s etc. in accordance to SANS 1669 specifications.
    We offer various types of laggings options including crowned, normal & diamond rubber , ceramic and hot vulcanised rubber.
    We have qualified teams that are competent to do work “On height”.

  • SPLICING (Hot or COLD)
    Makhanye Conveyors has a 1400mm wide belt press.
    We offer quality splicing workmanship.
    Makhanye has qualified Splicing teams who are competent to do:
    Hot splicing
    Cold splicing
    Clip joint

    Working according to ISO9001

  •  Fabrication & Engineering

    Makhanye fabrication & Engineering Department
    CNC  Milling & Turning, Machining of Castings & parts etc.
    With a rapid growing , Makhanye has started a fabrication department.

    We can manufacture any light to heavy components as:

         - Screw Feeder  - Support Structure

         - Bucket Elevator Systems - Chutes & Platforms

         - Cones & Cyclone  - Re-lining of Chutes
         - Conveyor Structures - Re-lining of Mills

         - Pipes & Fittings  - Recon of Gearbox & Motors

        Working according to ISO3834

  • Makhanye fabrication & Engineering Department
    We  Fabricate any items according to Customer drawings and requirements in accordance to ISO3834 We can weld-repaired various materials requiring specialized procedures, as we have the equipment to pre-machine & check fabrications before final welding, a natural progression would be toward manufacturing fabrications with a machining bias. Our  Design , detail and fabrication include painting of steelwork and plate work.
    We specialize in CO2 welding.


    4 x CNC Lathe – Total No Tool: 8  Max Turned Diameter: 315, 500 & 750mm 

                                 Between Centre: 400 & 900mm

    2 x Lathe – Swing over bed: 560 & 1000mm  Max Turned Diameter: 760 & 1700mm  

                          Max Turned Length: 2000 & 4000mm

    3 x CNC Milling C/Tec – X Axis Travel: 1800mm  Y Axis Travel: 650mm  Z Axis Travel: 620mm

                                      – X Axis Travel: 1500mm  Y Axis Travel: 550mm  Z Axis Travel: 600mm

                                      – X Axis Travel: 1200mm  Y Axis Travel: 550mm  Z Axis Travel: 600mm

    CNC Milling Mach – X Axis Travel: 1000mm   Y Axis Travel: 300mm   Z Axis Travel: 200mm

    CNC Milling Siemens – X Axis Travel: 1900mm   Y Axis Travel: 1900mm Z Axis Travel: 1400mm